Save the Dingo


The dingo is a United Nations IUCN red-listed species, at risk of extinction in less than 20 years. The biggest threat to the survival of the dingo is mankind and compound 1080.



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Picture of Tasmanian Tiger and Dingo

Spot the Difference

Is history repeating itself? The Dingo is receiving the same persecution as the Tasmanian Tiger. The Tasmanian Tiger was not afforded protection until a mere 63 days before the last known Tiger died, Sep 7th, 1936. Conservationists, scientists and ecologists had been raising the issue of the Tigers' looming extinction for years. Their pleas fell on deaf ears.


Calls to save the dingo, an internationally recognised threatened species, are likewise falling on deaf ears. Dingoes are currently only protected in the state of Victoria and the Northern Territory.

Tasmanian Tiger Photo: Unknown, Dingo Photo: Jim Woulfe,


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